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My goal is to help raise awareness to the dangers of Fluoride in our drinking water.  In doing so, I hope to inspire other residents of Illinois to take action and request that the state stop deliberately polluting our water with chemicals that are unsafe for consumption. 

Peace, Prosperity and Health to all.  Thank you for taking the time and energy to read this website.


My name is Mike Finley, a married father of 3 children from the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  I am the founder of this effort here in Illinois and have several volunteers helping me with ideas for putting and end to water fluoridation. 


I have joined forces with several local environmental and water groups to expand my network of influence: 




Why am I so passionate about this?

I personally believe that our health and the health of our children is being needlessly put at risk for the sake of our teeth.  There are plenty of non-toxic options for keeping our teeth from getting cavities without the need to ingest a chemical that can cause long term health problems. 

I also believe that I should have the right to decide if I have a toxic chemical in the water that I drink, cook with and shower in every day.

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